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Angelique Friend’s Best Fiduciary Services and Testimonials

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Top Professional Fiduciary Service in California


With so many fiduciary services out there and some more reliable than others, how do you know who to trust? Angelique Friend’s Probate Services Inc. has a long history of providing fiduciary services in California and has received rave reviews from those who have used her services and those familiar with her, giving Probate Services Inc. an A+ rating! Read on to learn more about some of the reasons why Angelique Friend and Probate Services Inc. are recommended as the best fiduciary service provider in the area!


Who Needs A Fiduciary Service?


If you’re going through a divorce, estate planning, or want to plan for your future care in case you get sick or disabled, hiring a fiduciary service might be right for you. A fiduciary is an independent party who helps to manage your finances while paying attention to your best interests. Working with a good fiduciary can help ensure that you’re protected at all times. One recommended firm that offers excellent services and testimonials from clients is Probate Services Inc. led by Angelique Friend. You should definitely check them out!


Angelique Friend – Your Qualified Fiduciary


Probate Services Inc. provides quality probate services to those in need. Having a professional fiduciary, like Angelique Friend, who takes care of your affairs will save you money and give you peace of mind. Angelique Friend is an experienced and professional fiduciary with over 15 years of experience providing probate assistance for clients in California. She has outstanding academic qualifications with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from California Lutheran University and a Master’s Degree in Business with an emphasis in Financial Planning. Her excellent professional experience includes management and planning for individuals and large corporations. She has also managed fraud prevention, balancing budgets, and supervised assets for various corporations. Angelique Friend knows how complicated and stressful filing for survivor benefits can be. When dealing with financial matters, it’s always best to hire someone who has your best interest at heart.


Angelique Friend and Great Reviews to Check


If you’re in need of a fiduciary services company, make sure to check out our post on Angelique Friend. There you can learn more about her company, Probate Services Inc., her experience, her prices, reviews from clients, and more; visit their website at or check out these fantastic testimonials

Angelique Friend of Probate Services in Camarillo, CA represents exactly what her Latin/French nickname “Angel” means~ ethical, sensitive, fair, caring, honest, and objective. I met Angelique when she was working with my family members and me on the settlement of my parent’s trust. As an educator and professor of teachers for 36 years, I  keenly observe how someone works by themselves, with their team, and interacts with others. Angelique has an innate ability to relate to a wide range of personalities making each member feel comfortable, valued, heard, and respected. Her attention to detail, response in a timely manner, experience and professionalism flow seamlessly from her interactions, through her work, and to her staff.  She has created a culture that is commendable. I highly recommend Angelique Friend and Probate Services in Ventura County and throughout California. Angelique is a true “Angel.”

             – Client since 2015


“I have been pleased with Angelique and her staff’s professional guidance and care. They assist with any questions I may have and help me with maintaining my accounts. I am grateful to have found Mrs. Friend and have been pleased with her services for 2 years now.”

             – Client since 2013


Winning Cases Involving Angelique Friend


In an industry where some providers are deemed good enough by consumers, Probate Services Inc. is standing out as an excellent company with a brilliant team at its disposal. Have a good read about Angelique Friend and winning cases involving this professional fiduciary by visiting this link.


Get In Touch With Angelique and Probate Services Inc.


With an experienced team in place, and a good leader in the name of Angelique Friend, Probate Services Inc. offers high-quality fiduciary services for families. If you’re looking for a professional to manage your affairs after you’ve passed away, there’s no better choice than Angelique Friend and her team. Contact them to schedule a consultation today at!


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