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Angelique Friend is a professional fiduciary, licensed by the State of California, specializing in Conservatorships, Trust Administration and Probate Administration.

She has strong academic and professional qualifications, including a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from California Lutheran University and she received her Master’s Degree in Business with an emphasis in Financial Planning.

Angelique’s extensive experience includes both management and planning for individuals and large corporations. Previously, Angelique worked for various corporation managing fraud prevention, balancing budgets and supervising assets.

In addition to her knowledge and experience, Angelique has the passion to help others. Her compassionate nature lends itself to an outcome of satisfaction and peace of mind for her clients.


I have known Angelique Friend in her capacity as a private professional fiduciary over five years. As an attorney, I have been practicing in the area of probate, trust administration, guardianships, and consovertorships for 38 years. I have a very high level of expectation for the performance of a private fiduciary. I and the attorneys of my office have interfaced with miss Friend in multiple cases in which she has served as a private fiduciary. In some of those cases, she was appointed by the probate judge in the superior court to serve as a neutral professional fiduciary. In other cases, she was selected by private individuals as the executor, conservator, or durable power of attorney for them. She has consistently demonstrated a high level of personal integrity and professional competence. Most importantly, it has become evident to me that she truly cares about the needs and welfare about the people she serves. Her consistant, professional performace and consistant willingness to place the needs of her clients first, has led me to recommend her as a private fiduciary to my own clients who need such services.”

Robert B.

“Angelique Friend is very knowledgeable in her field and I have experienced her thoughfulness and caring ways protecting and handling clients and their care and health issues.”

Richard B.

“I have been pleased with Angelique and her staff’s professional guidance and care. They assist with any questions I may have and help me with maintaining my accounts. I am grateful to have found Mrs. Friend and have been pleased with her services for 2 years now.”

Client since 2013

“Anne’s decision to choose you as her trustee has changed my life forever and I will never forget it! I will always be grateful to you for the way you defended Anne’s trust, her wishes, with such wisdom, courage and grace, and how you changed my life forever!”

Michael H.

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